Strategy And Tips To Crack NEET 2021 !!

How To Crack NEET 2021 without coaching tips and strategies

Guys You Are Searching Here And There About " How To Crack NEET 2021 Without Coaching ?? "

But I Am Giving You Guarantee That After Reading This Blog You Will Not Need To Go Any Other Place For This Answer..

If you ask me I'll say NEET exam is more like “Being Mentally stable “ exam rather than “Difficult exam.” I've seen people spend years* preparing for this exam. So please stop bragging about your intelligence and don't make other feel useless. And whoever who scored less, please don't get demotivated. You'll eventually do great in near future:)

So First Let's Start With The Most Important Thing -

:) Stay Motivated And Calm

How To Crack neet 2021 without coaching in 6 months ??

In your preparation journey, there will be times when you may feel distracted from your target. You may even lose interest and feel low. There might be days when stress may take over. But all you need to do is Keep Going Forward. It is not going to be easy, but it’s sensible to commit to studies completely rather than dropping another year for preparation.

:) Understand The Syllabus

How To Crack neet 2021 without coaching tips and strategies
As you are starting to prepare for NEET examination, you need to be well versed with the latest syllabus and subsequent weightage of each topic in the examination. Make sure to complete the syllabus in a fixed time period with enough time for the revision.

:)  An Effective Study Plan 

How to crack neet 2021 without coaching tips and strategies
Chart out topics based on their weightage in the examination moderately, with a mix of hard and easy topics. Begin your preparation with the tough topics first and strengthen your weaker areas.

:) Finishing a syllabus on time and even devoting hours for daily revision won’t help, if you won’t study smartly.

How to crack NEET 2021 without coaching tips and strategies
:) Solve Previous Year Questions. 

Take regular tests weekly or bi-weekly. Practice will lead to perfection. Find all previous year NEET question papers, by finding it on our site to crack NEET 2021 Easily Without Coaching .

:) Keep No Doubts

Daily doubt clearance is crucial.Discussing and clearing doubts will help you a lot in boosting your preparation.

Now These Tips Are Over So We Will Talk About Subject Wise Tips .

:) Physics

How to crack NEET 2021 without coaching tips and strategies

  • Gain conceptual clarity. Understand topics rather than memorizing !
  • Develop theoretical knowledge to be applied to solve numerical problems
  • Solve a diverse set of questions covering various topics, to get an idea about the type of question, formula to be applied and steps to be executed as soon as you encounter the question.
  • Practice numerical problems, regularly focus on speed and accuracy,
  • Make a list of all formulae, revisit them once every morning. Try to solve numerical on every formula

:) Chemistry

How to crack NEET 2021 without any coaching tips and strategies

  • Master NCERT and then move to relevant sources
  • Refer to coaching modules in addition for exposure to a diverse set of topics
  • Practice and attempt new questions
  • Study reaction-mechanisms. Learn named reactions
  • Prepare own notes while studying for speedy reference. 

How to crack NEET 2021 without coaching tips and strategies
:) Biology 

  • Read NCERT line by line. Then move to modules from coaching institutes, lecture notes etc.
  • Revise rigorously, solve as many papers as possible
  • Practice diagrams along with labellings, they are important
  • Prepare your own notes, use mnemonics, flowcharts, graphs etc

You must believe in your capabilities and stay motivated towards your goal. Whenever you feel low, visualise yourself as a NEET 2021 Topper and walking into the medical college of your choice. You’ll soon be back on track. Just go slow but be consistent.

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